If the 4 cops in the Diallo case  were convicted for 41 SHOTS would there have been 50 SHOTS in the Sean Bell case Today?


~ by create360degrees on April 8, 2007.


  1. HELL YEAH! Institutional Racisim is alive and well in the United States and until you irradicate the racism from within there will be another Sean Bell 50 SHOTS, Kathryn Johnson 120 SHOTS, Aswon Keshawn Watson 24 SHOTS, Anthony Rosario 18 SHOTS, Hilton Vega 8 SHOTS, Lydia Ferraro 16 SHOTS, Christopher Wade 16 SHOTS, Gideon Garry Bush 12, SHOTS, David Cotto 11 SHOTS, and thousands of others who have been killed at the hands of police through other tactics. It’s the racist institution that unfortunately allows these cops to kill and get off. How do you charge a COP with Manslaughter unless you believe he is not guilty of his actions? For a Police Officer this charge is certainly a ticket to freedom. If they really wanted to hold these cops accountable for their actions then charge would have been Murder 1st or 2nd Degree.

  2. I enjoyed the movie and the message. Let’s create change now.

  3. I’m proud to have been part of the protests against police brutality after the murder of Amadou Diallo, and then to have continued protesting when Patrick Dorismond was shot and killed by undercover police.

    My wife, Janice Cline, who teaches cultural diversity and English at York College, CUNY was arrested with two other York College colleagues protesting at One Police Plaza. She was with many college professors who protested while wearing their caps and gowns.

    I was arrested twice–both times with my colleagues in National Action Network. As a white man, it was a privilege to be included in this fight for justice.

    I’m proud to have shared a cell with Rev. Sharpton, Minister Conrad Muhammed, Eddie Barnes and so many others. My friend Azim Thomas photographed every step of the way. His photographs can be seen at

    Tami Gold’s film, “Any Mother’s Son” chronicles the effects of police brutality on the families of victims.

    Yet, year after year the NYPD continues its carnage unpunished. If the murderers of Amadou Diallo had been brought to justice, I believe that Sean Bell would be alive and that Mr. Guzman and Mr. Benefield wouldn’t be suffering from bullet wounds.

    The NYPD has a long history of rogue cops, and yet they continue to assert that any accusations of rogue activity is against the entire police force. What we are asking is that the NYPD–like any other city organization or any corporation–stop protecting its guilty employees and begin to work in BEHALF of the community and not against it.

    The lesson of Amadou Diallo’s death must never be forgotten, and I am very glad that 365 Days of Marching will help to bring that message to millions of people.

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