Are you Marching TODAY for Sean Bell?   Tell us your story.   What do you think about the Diallo tragedy 41 shots and Sean Bell 50 shots? What do you think about Police & Community Relations Is it getting better or worse?


~ by create360degrees on January 1, 2007.

6 Responses to “THE MARCH CONTINUES!!!”

  1. Yes, I marched for Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell who was shot 50 TIMES by NYC Police Officers. Hopefully in this case the two surviving victims will be able to tell their story and the police officers will be convicted of this savage crime!

  2. hell no! I fine that it has not got any better.We must fight back and i mean very soon,like now!

  3. Yes i marched and cried for Diallo! When will we all come to our senses? When you consider the vast amount of black folks killed in this country, how can any reasonable person believe this will stop and or the “police ” give a damn about us! Truth is, they hate our guts because they fear us for all the wrongs wrought on us ,hence we are out to kill them as well!

  4. I marched for Amadou and Sean and I’m sure I’ll march for others that will sure to die at the hands of the NYPD. But when will we go on the offensive? An eye for a eye!!!!

  5. Three of the 5 cops have been indicted in the Sean Bell case. As in the Diallo case this does not mean justice nor does it mean a conviction so we must continue to keep the pressure on.


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